The Gathering Place

In 2007, a meeting took place to discuss the creation of a small rotunda on a bend of Native Hut Creek in Teesdale, Victoria. Stewart Seaton, a Scottish architect with a home in Teesdale, was approached by Stephen Murphey, a local environmentalist and asked to design a meeting place for the Teesdale community. The result of the discussion was to become a catalyst for an extraordinary project that would stretch out over 5 years involve several artists, countless community groups, dozens of volunteers and hundreds of Teesdale residents. Inspired by Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi, Stewart created drawings that took their inspiration from a local inhabitant of Native Hut Creek, the eastern long-necked turtle. The foundations had been laid for the creation of a physical heart for the community, providing an inspiring meeting and performance space, an iconic landmark and a sense of identity and pride for the local residents. ‘Turtle Bend’ had been born.


Turtle Bend Events

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